Recovery and Recycling Refrigerant

We provide easy and cost-effective solutions to the challenge of refrigerant recovery, recycling, and reclamation of used refrigerants. As a participant in the Advanced Recyclers Used Refrigerant Recycling Program, your commitment to environmental issues translates into significant time and money savings. Here’s how the program works:

Dealer / Technician

  • Advanced Recyclers recovers refrigerant from various jobs into D.O.T. approved recovery containers
  • Sells recovered refrigerant to the wholesale/distributor and picks-up replacement containers

Wholesaler / Distributor

  • Advanced Recyclers has portable recovery equipment and containers
  • Buys recovered refrigerants and sells reclaimed refrigerants
  • Collects, recycles, and purifies CFCs used as refrigerants
  • Transports used refrigerants
  • Empties and cleans all containers
  • Supplies properly labeled D.O.T. containers
  • Purifies recovered refrigerant to ARI 700-88
  • Properly handles and disposes of all wastes generated
  • Re-packages and supplies reclaimed refrigerants
  • Provides support services such as training and updates
  • Provides on-site refrigerant recovery service